Manipur Violence: Drone Surveillance Aids Indian Army’s Risky Civilian Evacuation Mission

Imphal: The Indian Army has evacuated thousands of civilians from violence-stricken Manipur, using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to monitor the evacuation efforts and ensure the safety of those being rescued.

The violence in Manipur stems from ethnic tensions between the Meiteis residing in the Imphal valley and the Kuki tribe settled in the hills. The Meiteis’ demand for inclusion under the Scheduled Tribes (ST) category has ignited clashes, resulting in over 80 casualties since May 3.

To address the critical situation, Home Minister Amit Shah arrived in Manipur, while Army Chief General Manoj Pande conducted a two-day visit to the state to assess the security landscape. Their presence underscores the government’s commitment to restoring peace and stability in Manipur.

The Indian Army has been praised for its bravery and professionalism in carrying out the evacuation mission in Manipur. The use of UAVs to monitor the evacuation efforts and ensure the safety of those being rescued is a testament to the army’s technological prowess and commitment to protecting the lives of its citizens.

The violence in Manipur is a reminder of the challenges that India faces in maintaining peace and stability in its northeastern states. The government must work to address the underlying causes of the violence, such as ethnic tensions and economic deprivation, in order to prevent future outbreaks of violence.

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