Second Flashing Incident in 2 Weeks Shakes Kerala: KSRTC Passenger’s Ordeal

Karnataka: In yet another disturbing incident aboard a KSRTC bus, an unidentified middle-aged man engaged in lewd behaviour by exposing himself and engaging in indecent conduct in front of a female passenger. The incident occurred when the bus made a stop at Cherupuzha depot in the beautiful state of Kerala.

Promptly responding to the situation, the Payyanur Police have initiated a thorough investigation and are intensifying their efforts to locate and apprehend the individual responsible for this abhorrent act.

The incident took place on a Sunday evening, within the premises of Cherupuzha bus depot. The bus, which typically operates on the Cherupuzha-Taliparamba route, had come to a halt at the depot to prepare for its next journey. Seated across from a young woman, the middle-aged man proceeded to openly engage in explicit behaviour, brazenly masturbating while deliberately focusing his attention on the woman. Faced with this distressing situation, the woman managed to capture the incident on video and shared it on social media platforms to raise awareness.

Despite the traumatic experience she endured, the female passenger has chosen not to file a formal complaint with the authorities. In recounting the incident, she expressed her fear and unease as she found herself alone within the confines of the bus. Additionally, the accused individual disembarked the bus as soon as other passengers began to board, further evading immediate identification.

The local law enforcement agency has pledged to take stringent action against the perpetrator once he is identified. As part of their ongoing investigation, the police will gather comprehensive details from the woman regarding the incident. This distressing occurrence follows a similar incident that took place just two weeks prior, where another man exposed himself and acted inappropriately towards a woman aboard a Thrissur-Kochi bus. Subsequently, the Nedumbassery Police successfully apprehended the accused on May 18 and subsequently registered a case against him.

In light of these alarming incidents, it is imperative that society unites to condemn such acts and support the authorities in their efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of all passengers.

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