Manipur Cabinet Condemns Central Security Forces’ Actions, Approves Extension Of Disturbed Area Designation

Imphal: The Manipur cabinet has condemned the actions of central security forces during an exchange of fire on Friday that left three people dead and over 50 injured. The cabinet has also approved an extension of the Disturbed Area designation under the Armed Forces Special Powers Act for an additional six months.

The cabinet meeting was chaired by Chief Minister N. Biren Singh and took place in Imphal on Saturday. The cabinet expressed its “condemnation of the unwanted actions” of the central security forces against civilians and has resolved to inform the central government about the incident.

In addition to the extension of the Disturbed Area designation, the cabinet also approved a permanent housing scheme for those displaced by the ongoing ethnic violence in the state. The scheme will see the construction of approximately 1,000 permanent houses in areas where conditions are conducive for the affected individuals to return to their original places of residence.

The ethnic conflict in Manipur has taken a severe toll on the state, resulting in the burning or damage of around 4,800 houses, the loss of over 170 lives, and injuries to more than 700 people. Furthermore, over 70,000 individuals from various communities have been displaced, according to official figures released by the Manipur government.

The cabinet has also approved a compensation scheme for women who have become victims or survivors of sexual assault and other crimes during the ongoing ethnic unrest.

The cabinet’s decisions are aimed at addressing the humanitarian crisis caused by the ethnic conflict and promoting peace and stability in the state.

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