Pakistani Drone Carrying Suspected Item Shot Down By BSF In Punjab’s Amritsar

Amritsar: Just two days after a similar incident was reported from the area, the Border Security Force (BSF) in Punjab’s Amritsar district shot down another drone that had entered from Pakistan as part of its ongoing crackdown on terrorist operations. According to the officials, the military shot at the drone after spotting it smuggling into Indian territory close to Chaharpur village in Amritsar Rural.

The BSF soldiers stationed at the border reported hearing a buzzing sound in the vicinity of Chaharpur in Amritsar, which they believed to be the sound of an intruding drone from Pakistan. The military fired in an attempt to stop the alleged drone, which was hit by bullets and brought to the ground. Police and other concerned agencies were promptly notified, and the area was immediately roped off.

Additionally, the BSF discovered one partially damaged Hexacopter in an agricultural area on its side of the border fence, close to Chaharpur Village, along with a suspected item wrapped in white polythene.

Earlier. the BSF averted an attempted incursion on November 26 after spotting two intruders close to the border in Pathankot, Punjab. Two Pakistani intruders were tracked by the BSF soldiers. A thermal camera that was positioned there recorded the movement of the Pakistani attackers.

Notably, compared to 2021, there has been a surge in the smuggling of Pakistani drones into Indian territory. This year at the border, some 230 drones have been seen, up from 104 in 2021 whereas 77 drones were spotted in 2020 around the LoC and the Indo-Pak border.

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