Parliament Passes Landmark Bill to Scrap 76 Outdated, Obsolete Laws

New Delhi: In a major move to simplify the legal landscape and enhance the ease of living and doing business, the Parliament has successfully passed the Repealing and Amending Bill, 2023. This legislation received unanimous approval in the Rajya Sabha on December 13, 2023, following its earlier passage in the Lok Sabha on July 27th of the same year.

Initially introduced in December 2022, the Bill initially targeted 65 obsolete laws for repeal. However, due to scheduling constraints, it faced delays in discussion. Subsequently, the government incorporated an additional 11 laws, bringing the total number slated for repeal to 76.

Among the archaic statutes to be removed are the Land Acquisition (Mines) Act, 1885 and the Telegraph Wires (Unlawful Possession) Act, 1950. Additionally, the bill paves the way for annulling specific Appropriation Acts recently passed by Parliament.

Speaking in response to the parliamentary debate, Law Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal highlighted the Modi government’s unwavering commitment to streamlining legal frameworks. Since 2014, the government has successfully repealed a total of 1,486 obsolete laws, significantly impacting ease of living for citizens and fostering a conducive environment for businesses. With the inclusion of the latest 76 laws in the Repealing and Amending Bill, 2023, the total count of repealed laws now stands at 1,562.

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