PM Modi Hits Back At Kharge’s “Poisonous Snake” Remark, Says People Of K’taka Will Respond Aptly

Karnataka: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday unleashed a stinging attack on the Congress over Mallikarjun KhargeMallikarjun Kharge’s ‘poisonous snake’ remark in reference to the approaching assembly elections in the state of Karnataka. He also said that the people of Karnataka will respond appropriately on May 10. PM Modi continued by claiming that Congress is abusing and threatening him as a result of his efforts to eradicate corruption in the nation.

“Congress despises me because I’m fighting corruption. They are abusing me and threatening me. Congress chose the theme “poisonous snake” for this election, and they are comparing me to a snake. On May 10, the people of Karnataka will respond to them appropriately, the prime minister declared while speaking to a crowd in Kolar, the state’s capital.

PM Modi continued, “Congress has started criticising me once more. They refer to me as a “snake,” but for me, the people of Karnataka are Lord Shiv, and a snake is a necklace he wears. Let them insult me; BJP will triumph with a resounding majority this time.

“Snake is the charm of Lord Shiva’s neck. For me, people of the country are like Lord Shiva and I am their snake who stays with them,” he added.

Earlier this week, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge compared Prime Minister Modi to a “poisonous snake” while speaking in Kalaburagi, Karnataka. “PM Narendra Modi is comparable to a deadly snake. Now, if you decide to test the venom because I likened him to a poisonous snake, be warned that it will result in your demise,” he had remarked.

Kharge took to Twitter to clarify his position when a controversy over his ‘snake remark’ broke out, writing, “My statements are not meant towards PM Modi. Without criticising PM Modi directly, I referred to the BJP doctrine as cancerous. All I meant to say was that the poison in BJP ideology will kill anyone who touches it.

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