Rahul Gandhi’s Puppy Name Sparks Controversy Over Religious Sentiments; Case Filed

New Delhi: In a recent video on his YouTube channel, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi introduced his new puppy, named “Noorie.” The name has sparked controversy, with some people accusing Gandhi of hurting religious sentiments.

An AIMIM leader has filed a case against Gandhi, alleging that the name “Noorie” is sacred to Muslims and appears in the Quran. The petitioner argues that naming an animal with this word is offensive to the Muslim community.

The case has been summoned for a hearing on November 8. The AIMIM spokesperson has emphasized the importance of the word “Noorie” in Islamic culture, including its association with revered saints.

Gandhi’s choice of name for his puppy has sparked debate about religious insensitivity. Some people have defended Gandhi’s right to name his puppy as he sees fit, while others have argued that he should have been more mindful of the religious significance of the name.

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