Stray Dogs Kill Kanpur Girl, Civic Body Demolishes Meat Shops

Kanpur: A girl was mauled to death by stray dogs in UP’s Kanpur on Sunday. Following this incident, Kanpur Mayor Pramila Pandey ordered the demolition of at least 44 meat and fish shops stating that due to such shops, stray dogs became aggressive.

Following the incident of the girl’s death, Mayor Pramila Pandey met with the residents of the area and promised strict action against those who indulge in illegal activities.

During the demolition, the shopkeepers protested. The Mayor paid no heed to their request to stop the demolition drive. Taking stern action against 44 shops, the Mayor warned of severe consequences if these shops reopened, reported India Today.

According to the Kanpur Municipal Corporation report, the main reason behind the aggressive behaviour of dogs is the scraps found at meat and fish shops, which agitates the animals upon consumption. According to the Chief Medical Officer of Kanpur, consumption of contaminated meat invokes aggressive behaviour in dogs, leading to such incidents.

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