19th Century Persian Legal Documents Preserved at Orissa HC

Cuttack: Persian legal manuscripts dating back to the nineteenth century are being preserved at Orissa High Court through scientific methods by experts in document conservation work. This preservation work has been taken up under the ‘Judicial History Project and the Centre for Judicial Archives’ project, reported The Statesman.

After proper preservation, centuries-old legal records are also being digitized.

Orissa High Court has till now preserved around 1,000 old case records. Most of them are in the Persian language and are from the 19th century.

“Such records provide valuable insights into the functioning of the judiciary during those times and contain the treasure trove of historical information”, the high court registry said to The Statesman.

The Persian manuscripts are believed to be translated by a Persian scholar. So far, 9,537 old records of Orissa High have been catalogued, 768 records preserved and 201 records consisting 3,755 sheets have been digitized.

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