Conspiring Revenge Ganja Planted by Hyderabad Woman in Ex-Boyfriend’s Car, 6 Arrested

Hyderabad: A Hyderabad woman was arrested for enacting a conspiracy to entangle her former boyfriend in a drug case to take revenge. She allegedly planted marijuana in his former lover’s car. Six persons were arrested in the case.

According to police sources, a woman identified as Adhokshaja, and her boyfriend Deepak made a conspiracy to frame her former boyfriend Shravan. Four of their friends helped them in their plan. On Monday, Adhokshaja convinced Shravan to meet her at a park.

Adhokshaja, Deepak and four of their friends met Shravan in his car. Adhokshaja kept Shravan busy with her talks. At that time her friends hid marijuana packets under the seat of Shravan’s car.

Later Adhokshaja called up the Jubilee Hills police station in Hyderabad giving the number of Sharavan’s car with the allegation that the man in it was selling marijuana.

But Shravan got suspicious after Adhokshaja and her friends left his car. He searched inside and discovered the hidden marijuana packets. He immediately drove to the Jubilee Hills police station and elaborated on the happenings.

Police investigation on Tuesday revealed that the woman and her friends had planned to take revenge on Shravan by planting ganja in his car.

The six persons including Adhokshaja were arrested.

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