Jail Term for 400 Anti-Hijab Protestors in Iran

Around 400 anti-hijab protestors have been sentenced up to 10 years imprisonment by the Iranian courts. According to a report published in The Guardian, the number is expected to rise as the Iran government is trying to suppress the protestors demonstrating against the stringent Islamic dress code for women and 400 have been sentenced to jail only in Tehran. Courst in other parts of the country must have imposed similar punishments on protestors.

Quoting an Iranian judicial official, The Guardian said “rioters” is the term used by the Iranian regime for anti-hijab protesters who defy the hardline theocratic rule.

As per the estimate of UN human rights experts, at least 14,000 people including children have been arrested in Iran since the start of anti-hijab protests in mid-September. These protests erupted following the death of Mahsa Amini, in morality police custody. She was arrested for not wearing hijab properly.

According to UN estimates, at least 300 people have been killed during these protests as the theocratic government in Iran tried used heavily armed security forces to crush the protests.

Till now two men supporting these protests have been executed in public. Iranian courts convicted them of killing members of the security forces.

Iranian accuses the United States, Israel, European powers, and Saudi Arabia to be behind the continuing anti-hijab protests. Since April 1983, hijab is mandatory for all women in Iran. The reformists of Iran feel that the use of hijab should be left to individual choice.

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