Man Shocked to Find His Wife of 12 Days Is Actually A Man!

An Indonesian man was shocked when after 12 days of his marriage when he discovered that his wife was a man disguised as a woman.

According to South China Morning Post, after 12 days of his wedding, the 26-year-old husband found that his wife Adinda Kanza was a male.

The husband met his bride-to-be on a social media platform in 2023. Whenever they met, the so called woman always wore traditional Muslim attire that covered her entire face proclaiming devotion to Islam. Both fell in love got married at a modest ceremony at the man’s home on April 12.

Even after the wedding, Adinda hid her face from her husband and refused to meet with his family and friends. She also refused to consummate the marriage and avoided intimacy, citing reasons ranging from her menstrual cycle to feeling unwell.

After twelve days of suspicious behaviour, the man investigated about his wife and found that Adinda’s parents were entirely unaware of their child’s relationship with him. Shockingly, he also discovered that Adinda was actually a man, identified as ESH, who has been cross-dressing since 2020. He used his high-pitched female-like voice and cross-dressing skills to con the man.

During a police investigation, ESH revealed that he married the man to steal his family’s assets. ESH was arrested. He now faces fraud charges and could face up to four years in prison.

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