Mother’s Bank Account Left with Rs 5 as Daughter Spends Rs 52 Lakh on Online Gaming

A 13-year-old girl in China spent all of her family’s savings worth 449,500 yuan (approximately Rs 52,19,809) on online gaming. She spent a huge sum to buy powerful tools to play online games.

According to the South China Morning Post, a teacher of the girl suspected that she may be addicted to pay-to-play games as she was always busy with her phone even in school. After being informed by the teacher, the mother of the girl named Wang checked her bank account to get the shocking information.

Only 0.5 yuan (around Rs 5) was left in Wang’s account. Bank statements revealed numerous payments made for mobile games. The daughter confessed before her father that she had spent 120,000 yuan (approximately Rs 13,93,828) on purchasing games and an additional 210,000 yuan (about Rs 24,39,340) on in-game purchases. Added to it, she had used another 100,000 yuan (around Rs 11,61,590) to buy games for her classmates.

She had found a debit card at home and got it linked to her smartphone. She had in some manner procured the password of the debit card from her mother.

The story has gone viral on Chinese social media.

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