Must wear helmet while riding bike! See how this man survived just because of helmet

New Delhi: Wearing a helmet while driving protects us from any accidents. Bangalore Traffic Police Joint Commissioner Dr. B.R Rabikanthe Goud recently shared a video and urged bikers to use only good quality ISI marked helmets. In this horrifying video, a man is seen falling under the wheel, who would have surely dyed but survived because of helmet.

The video shows 19-year-old Alex Silva Perez fell under the wheels of a bus while coming from the opposite direction in a two-wheeler. The bus wheel hit Alex’s head- which was covered in a helmet- and pulled him a few feet away. After the bus stopped, Mr. Alex’s helmet was stuck under the wheel. After the bus stopped people gathered to help Alex and it was found that was safe.

However, this video shows that wearing a helmet is equally important for every bike rider. Mr. Alex was seriously injured in the accident. He was going to a bakery to buy bread for his family when at a turn he came across an oncoming bus. Surprised, he tried to stop the bike, but fell under the bus.


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