NASA Announces 4-Member Team for Moon; Includes 1st Woman on Lunar Mission

Washington D.C.: NASA has announced a team of four astronauts who will fly around the Moon next year for a 10-day mission. The team was announced during an event in Houston, Texas, that was streamed life yesterday.

The team has three American and one Canadian astronaut, including a woman and an African American ever assigned as astronauts to a lunar mission.

Reid Wiseman be the commander while Victor Glover will pilot the mission, and Christina Koch and Canada’s Jeremy Hansen will serve as mission specialists.

Mr. Glover will set history as the first black person, to go to the vicinity of the Moon. Mr. Hansen will be the first non-American to fly to the Moon.

On the other hand, Astronaut Christina Hammock Koch will become the first woman to go around the Moon ever since humanity began exploring the lunar world.

So far, only male astronauts have been to lunar orbit and on the surface. The new mission marks the first arrival of a woman astronaut in the realm of the Moon.

The announcement officially kicks off the preparation for the 10-day-long Artemis-II mission, which will bring humanity one step closer to landing on the Moon again since the Apollo missions.

The last time humans walked on the Moon was in 1972 when Apollo 17 commander Eugene Cernan left his footprints on Earth’s natural satellite.

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