Snake head found in potato curry! The air hostess screamed

A flight attendant on a Turkish flight recently found the head of a snake in the in-flight meal, which shocked the passengers. According to reports, the incident took place on 21 July. Such a scene was seen on the Sunexpress flight from Ankara, Turkey to Dusseldorf, Germany. A cabin crew member claimed that he was about to eat when he found a snake’s head hidden in potato curry in the in-flight meal. A video shared on Twitter shows a snake head lying in the middle of a food tray.

However, as soon as such a surprising incident came in front of people, the airline company immediately responded. A representative of Sunexpress told the Turkish media that this incident is completely unacceptable. The airline has terminated its contract with the food supplier and launched an investigation into the incident. The airline said, ‘we have 30 years of experience in the aviation Industry. It is our highest priority to ensure that the service we provide to our guests and staff has a comfortable and safe flight experience.’

The airline company has denied the allegations made regarding the in-flight food service. It cannot be ignored. A detailed investigation has been started on the matter. On the other hand, the catering company claims that their food is cooked at 280 degrees Celsius. Whereas, the head of the snake is not in that position. It is placed later in the tray.

The catering company has dismissed the allegations as false. The company responded that it was completely fake, someone did it knowingly. However after the incident came to the public, its photos and videos are becoming very viral on social media.

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