Surgeon’s Towel Found in Woman’s Belly in UP; Probe Ordered

Lucknow: A surgeon allegedly left a towel inside a woman’s stomach during an operation in Uttar Pradesh’s Bans Kheri village. The local Chief Medical Officer (CMO) has ordered for a thorough inquiry into the incident.

As per reports, a doctor named Matloob allegedly left behind a towel inside the belly of a patient Nazrana during an operation. This operation was conducted in the Saifee Nursing Home, which Matloob ran in Amroha without legal permission.

When the victim complained about abdominal pain, Matloob kept her Saifee Nursing Home for five more days claiming that she was having stomach pain because of the cold outside.

When the woman’s condition did not improve even after getting discharged from the nursing home, her husband Shamsher Ali consulted another private hospital in Amroha. There it was diagnosed that the towel was left behind inside Nazrana’s stomach, which was the reason for her continuous pain in her stomach. The towel was removed from her body through an operation.

The CMO came to know about it from media reports. Interestingly neither the victim nor her husband has lodged any complaint regarding their suffering.


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