Transgender Couple Marry in Kerala Even After A Temple Denied Permission to Them

Thiruvananthapuram: Even when a temple denied permission to a transgender couple to get married, they preferred to stick to their decision. This transgender couple of Kerala was disappointed, when authorities of Kollengode Kachamkurissi temple of Palakkad district denied them permission to tie the knot. They did not get disheartened. Garnering courage, they got married in a nearby marriage hall.

Nilan Krishna and Advaika, who work in a private firm, had requested the temple authorities to grant them permission for the marriage on temple premises. But their request was turned down by the temple management.

The owner of the firm where they work and their colleagues provided morale support to this transgender couple to get married.

The temple authorities said fearing people’s reaction towards the transgender wedding, they decided not to give the permission.


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