Another girl sits on agitation in front of lover’s house


Deogarh: A lover was found sitting outside the house of a lover in Babarkot village under Riyamal police station yesterday demanding marriage. According to the information received, the boyfriend Sanjay Sahu of Babarkot village under Riyamal police station has been with his lover Ali Sahu (37) of Hintsara village under Naktideul police station. Ali, who has been in a relationship for years, has accused her boyfriend of having physical relations and taking millions of rupees.

Sanjay was freed from jail after Sanjay’s family tried to negotiate with Ali and applied for a settlement in court. After Sanjay took lakhs of money from his boyfriend Ali in different stages to open a shop in his village, Sanjay disappeared all of a sudden. Ali informed that Sanjay has blocked her number and when she called from a different number, he gave death threats to her. Since yesterday Ali is sitting in front of Sanjay’s house so that she could get justice.

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