Excited Delirium Cited as Cause of ASI Alisa Lugun’s Mysterious Death

Rourkela: The post-mortem report of ASI Alisa Narmi Lugun, who tragically passed away while on duty during a group clash in Rourkela, has shed light on the cause of her demise. According to the report, ASI Lugun’s death was attributed to excited delirium, a condition marked by severe anxiety and heightened adrenal gland activity, leading to breathlessness.

In a press briefing, Rourkela SP Mitrabhanu Mahapatra stated, “The doctor’s assessment clearly indicated that there was no physical attack on ASI Lugun that led to her untimely demise. Consequently, we will proceed with the investigation in line with the legal process.”

Initially, a murder case had been registered following a complaint from the deceased ASI’s family. However, with the post-mortem report negating the murder allegation, the case will now be pursued through the proper legal channels.

ASI Alisa Narmi Lugun, 30 years old and stationed at Udit Nagar Police Station in Rourkela, was on duty on October 1 in the Ring Road area to maintain law and order following a group clash stemming from a road mishap. She collapsed while attempting to control the situation and was swiftly transported to a private hospital, where she was declared dead on arrival.

The family of ASI Lugun had previously alleged that her death was the result of a physical assault.

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