Balipatna IIC Files Complaint Against Himself & SI


Bhubaneswar: An inspector-in-charge (IIC) of the Balipatna police station in Bhubaneswar has filed a complaint against his own name in an odd turn of events.

The policeman is a member of the Balipatna police department, which is a police station outside of the capital.

Following orders from Bhubaneswar DCP Prateek Singh, the police officer, who goes by the name Krupasindhu Barad, has also filed a case against sub-inspector (SI) Rakesh Samal.

Saroj Bhoi, a resident of the Giringo Bhoi Sahi inside the Balipatna police jurisdiction, was brought to the police station by the police on October 3 in connection with a crime. Bhoi was allegedly beaten black and blue inside the police station by IIC Barad, SI Samal, and other officers.

However, the abuse by the cops didn’t end there, they brought a severely hurt Bhoi before the court instead of taking him to the hospital, accusing him of beating up policemen.

Later, he was sent from jail to the hospital after complaining of acute discomfort.

A social organisation called “Dalita O Adivasi Milita Mancha” organised a protest in front of the police station to call for justice for the victim and action against the perpetrators after learning of the severe occurrence. Bhoi’s wife also went to see DCP Singh and brought up the situation, appealing for justice.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, DCP Singh directed the IIC to file a complaint against himself and SI Samal.

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