Why Is #BoycottCadbury Trending On Twitter? Here’s Why


The well-known chocolate company Cadbury has received criticism in India for their current Diwali promotion, which caused the hashtag #BoycottCadbury to trend on Twitter. This is not the first time that a brand’s marketing, such as Cadbury’s, has come under fire. The new Cadbury campaign, according to Twitter users, is contentious because it depicts a poor lamp vendor named “Damodar,” who is purportedly modelled after the father of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Prachi Sadhvi in a tweet pointed out, “Have you carefully observed Cadbury chocolate’s advertisement on TV channels? The shopless poor lamp seller is Damodar. This is done to show someone with PM Narendra Modi’s father’s name in poor light. Chaiwale ka baap diyewala. Shame on cadbury Company”

It turns out that Cadbury has stirred up controversy in India before. Consumers in India claimed that one of Cadbury’s most well-known chocolate products, Dairy Milk, contained beef, which resulted in a significant reaction against the firm last year. Later, Cadbury emphasised that all goods produced and distributed in India are vegetarian and clarified that the said disclaimer was for products manufactured and sold in Australia.


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