Breach in Machagaon Canal Floods Tarikund Market & Cuttack-Jagatsinghpur Road

Jagatsinghpur: Flooding in Tarikund, Jagatsinghpur occurred when the Machagaon canal embankment experienced breaches at two locations between Daleighai and Tarikund on Saturday night. Sources indicate that a 15-foot breach was identified near Daleighai, while another breach measuring 20 feet occurred in Tarikund.

The consequences of these breaches were significant. The market in Tarikund was flooded, and knee-deep water flowed onto the Cuttack-Jagatsinghpur road, causing disruptions in vehicular traffic temporarily.

Rajkishore Sahu, the Assistant Executive Engineer of Balia Irrigation Division, explained that the breaches were a result of the Machagaon canal overflowing due to the overflow of water from the Taladanda canal. To manage the excess water from the Taladanda Canal and Cuttack drains, it was directed into the Machagaon Canal, leading to the overflow and subsequent breaches.

Efforts have been undertaken to address the situation. Water regulation has been initiated at Biribati, and the breaches are being sealed using sand packets. Sahu reassured that the situation is under control, and the embankments will be sealed soon.

It is noteworthy that Jagatsinghpur has two canals, namely Taladanda and Machhagaon canals, primarily used for irrigation purposes.

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