Odisha Mobile Phone Users Receive Sample Emergency Alert from Govt for System Testing

Bhubaneswar: Mobile phone users across Odisha today received an ‘Emergency Alert’ message from the Department of Telecommunication, Government of India. This message, however, was part of a sample testing and required no immediate action.

The purpose of this message was to assess the effectiveness of the Pan-India Emergency Alert System, which has been implemented by the National Disaster Management Authority. This system aims to bolster public safety by providing timely alerts during emergencies.

The Department of Telecommunication, in partnership with the National Disaster Management Authority, is conducting tests of the Cell Broadcast Alert System to enhance emergency communication during disasters. These tests will be conducted periodically in various regions across the country to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the emergency alert broadcasting capabilities.

The Cell Broadcast Alert System is a cutting-edge technology designed to deliver critical and time-sensitive messages for disaster management to all mobile devices within a specified geographical area, regardless of whether the recipients are residents or visitors. This ensures that crucial emergency information reaches as many people as possible promptly. Government agencies and emergency services utilize this system to inform the public about potential threats and keep them informed during critical situations. Cell Broadcast is commonly used to relay emergency alerts, including severe weather warnings (such as tsunamis, flash floods, and earthquakes), public safety messages, evacuation notices, and other vital information.

During the testing phase, individuals may receive simulated emergency alerts on their mobile devices. Each test alert will be clearly marked as a “SAMPLE TESTING MESSAGE” to prevent any confusion.

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