Koraput: 2 Youths Meet Untimely Demise in Violent Confrontation

Koraput: A tragic incident has shaken Kunduli Hatapada in Odisha’s Koraput district, as two young individuals lost their lives on Wednesday morning. The victims of this unfortunate event have been identified as Govardhana Pandaka and Rajkumar Rudi.

According to reliable sources, the conflict began when Govardhana Pandaka, a resident of Tema village, had a heated altercation with Rajkumar Rudi and his father, Jogulu. This confrontation unfolded as they were returning home between 8:00 AM and 8:30 AM after attending the Ravana Podi event in Kunduli the previous night. Tragically, the dispute escalated to a point where Rudi and his father physically assaulted Pandaka, leading to his death.

Upon learning of the distressing incident, the family of the deceased quickly arrived at the scene and, in an act of retaliation, confronted the assailants, ultimately resulting in the death of Rajkumar Rudi.

In response to this tragic incident, the police have taken immediate action. The authorities have recovered the bodies for postmortem examinations, and an extensive investigation is currently underway to uncover the circumstances that led to this dual tragedy.

In an effort to maintain law and order and prevent any potential further disturbances, a significant police presence has been deployed at the scene. This presence is aimed at reassuring the community and ensuring that any potential tensions are quelled.

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