Odisha MLA Steps In to Provide Healthcare Services at CHC Due to Doctor Shortage

Rourkela: A prominent legislator in Odisha took centre stage on Thursday for stepping in to provide healthcare services at a community health center (CHC) in Sundargarh district due to the absence of doctors. Congress MLA CS Raazen Ekka, who also holds a medical degree, received widespread acclaim for his compassionate actions.

Ekka’s gesture shed light on the healthcare challenges prevailing in the state. The CHC in Rajgangpur is currently grappling with a staff shortage, with some medical professionals on leave. This situation has forced the available doctors to handle emergency cases round the clock for the past three days. On Wednesday, nearly 200 patients were turned away without medical attention because the doctors were overwhelmed and unable to accommodate more cases.

On Thursday morning, patients returned to the CHC only to be disheartened by the continued absence of doctors. Amid the chaos, Ekka took it upon himself to prescribe medicines to over 100 patients.

The Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Dharaniranjan Satpathy, denied allegations of a staff shortage at the CHC. He explained that some doctors were on leave and that those available were unable to meet the demands of the large number of patients. He expressed his gratitude to Ekka for his commendable gesture.

However, Ekka, who is a doctor himself, stated that he had not seen any doctor at the CHC for the past 3-4 days. He emphasized the failure in providing essential healthcare services to the people and, as the local MLA and a doctor, felt compelled to attend to the patients.

Sources indicate that the CHC has only two doctors on staff despite serving more than 40 patients daily.

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