Inmate and Jail Pharmacist Collude in Online Stock Market Scam at Jharpada Jail

Bhubaneswar: Authorities have launched a probe into an online stock market trading scheme involving an inmate at Jharpada Special Jail in Bhubaneswar. The inmate, who had knowledge of stock trading, allegedly colluded with a pharmacist named Siba Shanta Samantray to carry out the fraudulent activity.

Samantray, who frequently visited the jail wards, developed a close relationship with the inmate. Taking advantage of their connection, the pharmacist clandestinely used his mobile phone to facilitate the inmate’s stock trading. Samantray saved the inmate’s login information and Unified Payments Interface (UPI) ID details on his phone.

Exploiting this access, Samantray allegedly sold the inmate’s shares without his knowledge, swindling lakhs of rupees. When the inmate discovered the deceit, he reported the incident to jail authorities, prompting a preliminary inquiry. As a result, Samantray was suspended and transferred to Koraput Circle Jail to prevent any interference with the ongoing investigation.

The exact nature of Samantray’s offence will be determined once the inquiry is complete, and appropriate action will be taken accordingly. Furthermore, the prison department is investigating how the inmate managed to use Samantray’s mobile phone without raising suspicions among the jail staff.

Following this incident, the department has escalated its efforts to crackdown on illegal activities within jails, intensifying security measures to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

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