Unwanted Vasectomy Allegations: Probe Ordered in Malkangiri Amid Consent Concerns

Malkangiri: An unmarried tribal youth from Ambaguda village in Odisha’s Malkangiri district has alleged that he was subjected to an unwanted vasectomy without his consent or knowledge.

The youth, Ganga Durua, is a 26-year-old individual with speech impairment. He claims that he was taken to Mathili Sub-divisional Hospital on August 3 for a vasectomy procedure that was originally intended for another man, Gangaram Durua of Kosarbata village. Gangaram Durua had decided against the procedure, but Ganga was not given a choice.

After the operation, Ganga was given medication and a payment of Rs 2000. Shockingly, the operation document falsely indicated his marital status as “married,” raising concerns about the intent behind the procedure.

It is being alleged that Health Department staff members carried out the vasectomy without Ganga’s awareness, possibly to meet a target for the number of vasectomies in the area.

The local community is rightfully outraged by this incident and is demanding strict action against the responsible individuals.

Dr. Prafulla Nanda, CDMO of Malkangiri, has taken note of the situation and ordered an investigation into the matter. The operation reportedly took place based on an ASHA worker’s report, with Ganga’s mother present at the healthcare facility during the procedure.

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