Diamonds forming in the core of the earth every moment, here’s the process


Diamond is one of the most expensive things in the world. Its formation is a complex process that takes a long time to form. Diamond is a form of carbon and is included in the hardest material in the world. India’s 105.6 carat Kohinoor is one of the world’s largest diamonds. In a research related to diamonds, researchers from Arizona State University have made a claim that diamonds are being formed every moment in the Earth’s core. He also did an experiment to prove it.

When scientists started working on this idea, they first brought together the things found in the core-mantle boundary and created an artificial high pressure on those things. This pressure was around 140 gigapascals. After this, those things were kept in contact with High Hit. The heat generated by the researchers up to 37 hundred degrees Celsius. During this, research continuously monitored the sample and observed the formation of diamonds from carbon.

Scientists from Arizona State University said that this will also help in understanding the structure of the core-mantle. In research, scientists found that the core mantle pressure is very high. Along with this, the hit is also enough in the core. On creating such a situation, if diamond particles can be observed outside, then surely diamonds must be forming in the core of the earth as well.

During their research, scientists found diamonds formed between the stone and the liquid. In such high hits, the water is separated as hydrogen and oxygen and the rest of the molten part goes to the core.

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