Watch: Sky Turns Surprising “Orange” in Greece, Know Why

Because of the strong winds carrying dust from the Sahara Desert, the sky turned surprisingly “orange” over Athens and other cities in Greece on Tuesday.

Several videos of the unusual phenomenon of the orange sky were posted on social media by the Greek nationals as well as tourists. Some branded the scene as “apocalyptic”.

An X user posted a video saying, “What’s going on – I never saw this – It’s completely Orange – the Sun should be there.”


According to SkyNews, the orange sky over Greece caused by the sands from the Sahara desert deteriorated the air quality and spiked temperatures. It was one of the worst atmospheric conditions in Greece since 2018.


The yellow-orange haze limited visibility and prompted warnings from the authorities of breathing risks, The Guardian reported. “It’s one of the most serious episodes of dust and sand concentrations from the Sahara since March 21-22, 2018, when the clouds invaded the island of Crete in particular,” said Kostas Lagouvardos, weather research director at the Athens Observatory.

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