22-Time Grand Slam Champion Rafael Nadal Hints at Retirement; Says 2024 Season Likely His Last

Mallorca: Tennis Legend Rafael Nadal made a significant announcement on Thursday about his retirement plans. The 36-year-old athlete revealed during a press conference in Mallorca that the 2024 season may mark his final year in professional tennis.

This news came as Nadal confirmed his withdrawal from the French Open, a tournament he had not missed since his debut in 2005, where he clinched the first of his remarkable 14 French Open titles.

Nadal attributed his decision to a series of recent injuries, particularly a hip injury sustained during the Australian Open in January. These physical setbacks have prevented him from enjoying his daily training and competition, leading him to reevaluate his future in the sport.

The tennis star emphasized that his decision to retire in 2024 stems from a desire to prioritize his well-being and personal happiness. He hopes to bid a proper farewell to the tournaments he holds dear and maintain his competitiveness.

Nadal acknowledged that retiring after the French Open next year is a possibility, but he refrained from making any definitive statements, highlighting his intention to represent Spain at the Olympic Games in 2023.

Nadal has previously secured gold medals at the Olympics in 2008 and 2016, both in singles and doubles events.

Given the uncertainties surrounding his physical condition and future prospects, Nadal prefers to keep his options open. He expressed a desire to participate in tournaments that hold significance for him, including the Olympics. While he cannot determine if the French Open in 2024 will be his last tournament, Nadal remains committed to making the best decisions for his career and overall well-being.

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