Commonwealth Games 2022: Another Indian athlete caught in doping test, 400m relay team in crisis

India has yet another setback before the start of the Commonwealth Games. Dhabika Dhanlakshmi, who was to participate in the 400 m relay race from India, was caught in the dope test. Now another contestant has been caught in a dope test. Now another contestant has been caught in a dope test. Indian athletes were tested by NADA. In which Dhabika seems to have taken some drugs.

However, an official of the Indian Athletics Federation (AFI) said this without announcing the name of the player. The player participated in the national camp two years ago. He was included on behalf of Team India in the Commonwealth Games to be held from 28 July to 8 August. But just 4 days before the competition, he failed the dope test. Now the team in the 400 m relay race is in crisis after two players failed the dope test.

2 of the 6 members of the 400m relay team failed the dope test. After the doping scandal of 2011, Indian athletes are going through worst times. At least 9 athletes were caught in doping tests after the last Tokyo Olympics. Two of the athletes were part of the Indian team at the Olympics in Japan.

According to the World Anti-Doping Agency report released in 2021, India ranks third in the doping cases. 152 cases in the country have come before the dope test. India ranks below Russia and Italy in this case. Notably, Dhabika Dhanlakshmi failed the dope test a few weeks ago.

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