Alcoholic Driver Sets Employer’s Car & Bike on Fire to Take Revenge, Arrested

Bhubaneswar: Enraged over his layoff, an alcoholic driver allegedly torched his employer’s car and bike at Khandagiri Krishna Garden Phase-II in Bhubaneswar. He was arrested by the police as his act of arson was recorded by a CCTV camera. According to the owner of the burnt-down vehicles, Ajit Kumar Naik, his driver was an alcoholic. In May 2023, Naik asked this driver to search for a new job and in October 2023 he hired a new driver.

According to Naik, his old driver got angry when he came to know about the new driver hired. To take revenge this old driver allegedly entered Naik’s premises and set fire to the car parked in the garage. Naik’s bike parked nearby was also gutted.

Personnel of the Khandagiri police station arrested the man involved in this arson, who was identified as Abdul Hakim. Naik had removed him from his driver’s job and he torched the car just to take revenge.

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