Bomb Hoax Compels Pune-Delhi Flight to Make Emergency Landing in Mumbai

Mumbai: A Pune-Delhi Akasa Air flight carrying 185 passengers made an emergency landing at the Mumbai Airport following a bomb hoax.

A passenger on the plane claimed that he was carrying a bomb in his bag.

The flight was diverted to the Mumbai airport on Saturday morning around 40 minutes after its take off from the Pune airport at wee hours of Saturday.

The flight departed for Delhi from, Mumbai at around 6 am, when it was ascertained that the bomb claim was a hoax.

The luggage of the said passenger was searched in the presence of the Bomb Detection and Disposable Squad (BDDS) team, as well as police officers. But no suspicious object was found.

In a statement, Akasa Airlines confirmed the incident.

Mumbai Police is further investigating the matter.

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