Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue: Drilling Stopped, Rescue Op Faces Setback as Obstruction Impedes Progress

Uttarkashi: Rescue operations to save 41 workers trapped for 12 days in the collapsed Silkyara tunnel in Uttarakhand faced another setback on Friday. The auger drilling machine, which had resumed operations after a technical snag, encountered an obstacle, possibly a metal object.

This marks the second setback in two days for the multi-agency rescue effort, which has been hampered by challenging conditions since the tunnel collapse on November 12.

Despite overcoming an earlier technical issue, the 25-tonne auger machine had to be halted again when it encountered the obstruction. Rescue workers managed to retrieve the drill bit through the existing passage and are currently assessing the situation. The operation had progressed up to 48.6 meters, approaching the estimated 57 meters of rubble blocking the tunnel.

Officials remain optimistic about the rescue effort but acknowledge the challenges they face. The situation remains critical as authorities work tirelessly to overcome obstacles and ensure the safe rescue of the trapped men.

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