Rajasthan: 2 Cousins Die After Getting Trapped In Freezer While Playing Hide-And-Seek

Jaipur: Two young girls, Payal (10) and Ritika (11), perished due to suffocation after becoming entrapped in an abandoned ice cream freezer while playing hide-and-seek at their residence in Rajasthan’s Rajsamand district. The incident unfolded on Thursday afternoon in the Khamnor area.

According to SHO Bhawani Shankar, the cousins, engrossed in their game, inadvertently entered the disused freezer. As fate would have it, the freezer door latched shut from the outside, leaving the girls helplessly trapped.

Family members, growing concerned over their daughters’ prolonged absence, embarked on a frantic search. Their worst fears were realized when they discovered the lifeless bodies of Payal and Ritika in the freezer.

Following a post-mortem conducted on Friday, the bodies were handed over to the bereaved family.

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