Global Outage Disrupts LinkedIn, Users Frustrated

Popular social media platform for business and employment purposes, LinkedIn is currently experiencing a widespread outage that is affecting users worldwide. Many users are reporting an error message when attempting to access the website or mobile app.

The problems began to surface at around 4:15 PM in India and have since spread to other countries. Users are encountering difficulties not only with the main website but also when trying to view profiles and load their feeds.

LinkedIn has yet to issue an official statement addressing the problem. Users are eagerly awaiting information from the platform about when normal service will be restored.

Impact on Users

The outage has left many users frustrated and concerned, especially those who rely on LinkedIn for their professional networking and job-related activities. One user expressed their distress on social media, saying, “This is a nightmare because I’m due to deliver a LinkedIn training session in just over an hour.”

Another user humorously noted, “Wow, After Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, we finally have a day where LinkedIn is down and out.”

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