Mobile Phone Explodes Shattering Windows of Houses, Damaging Cars

Nashik: Damages caused by the explosion of a mobile phone kept on charging mode multiplied many folds because of a bottle of deodorant kept nearby, in Maharashtra’s Nashik on Tuesday. Three persons were injured with burn injuries in this incident.

The blast shattered every window in the vicinity and also damaged cars parked in the area.

This explosion happened in a house in Nashik’s CIDCO Uttam Nagar area.

A deodorant bottle, which contains highly inflammable material was kept near the charging mobile phone. When the phone exploded, the deodorant bottle also caught fire and caused a bigger explosion.

This massive blast broke the glass and windows inside the house. It also shattered all windows in nearby area. The windows of cars parked in the area were also shattered.

The lithium-ion batteries are used in smartphones. If the batteries are old or faulty, excessive heat can cause a volatile reaction resulting in an explosion. The police are probing if this indeed was the reason behind the blast.

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