Mother & Son Electrocuted to Death at Bhogarai in Balasore Dist

Balasore: A man and his mother died of electrocution at Bhogarai in Balasore district. The deceased were Kartik Sethy (35) and his mother Jayanti Sethy (57).

According to reports, this fatal accident occurred while Kartik was cutting an iron rod attached to a poultry cage with a metal cutter. Accidentally naked portion of a wire providing power to the poultry cage came in contact with the metal touching Kartik’s body and he received a lethal electrical shock.

His mother, who was standing nearby tried to save Kartik by attempting to drag him out. She also was electrocuted.

Both victims were immediately shifted to the Jaleswarpur Community Health Centre (CHC) by the neighbors, where they were declared dead.

Two separate unnatural death cases were registered at Bhograi Police Station in connection to this incident.

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