Mysterious Bag Brought by Chinese Delegation to G20 Summit

New Delhi: The Chinese delegation that came to New Delhi to attend the G20 Summit came with a mysterious bag that they did not want security to check up.

According to reports, the hotel authorities, where the Chinese delegation was staying wanted to pass the bag through the scanner to be certain of the content inside. But for some mysterious reason, the Chinese delegates opposed it.

The Indian security team did not bow down and closely guarded the room where the suspicious bag of the Chinese delegation was kept.

Because of it, the Chinese delegation failed to take the mysterious bag with them or to take out what was inside it. After 12 hours it was decided that the bag would be sent to the Chinese embassy. It was suspected that there was some equipment inside the bag but what it was remained a mystery as the bag moved to the embassy.

The Chinese delegation also demanded a private internet network refusing the use the hotel’s internet connection. Their demand was declined by the hotel.

China President Xi Jinping did not attend the G20 Summit and sent Chinese Premier Li Qiang to attend it.

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