Stray Dog on Goa Airport Runway Compels Vistara Flight to Return Without Landing

Goa: A Vistara flight had to return back to Bengaluru without landing at the Dabolim Airport in Goa because of the intrusion of a stray dog to the runway.

The incident took place on Monday afternoon. The Vistara flight UK 881 left Bengaluru at 12.55 pm on Monday and returned at 3.05 pm. It again took off from Bengaluru at 4.55 pm to reach Goa at 6.15 pm.

According to the Goa airport’s director, the air-traffic controller asked the pilot to wait for some time as a stray dog was spotted on the runway of the Dabolim Airport but the pilot preferred to return to Bengaluru. The runway was immediately cleared of the stray dog by the ground staff.

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