Wife Leaves Home in Anger as MP Man Cooks Costly Tomatoes without Her Consent 

Bhopal: Exorbitant price of tomatoes led to a marital ‘separation’ in Madhya Pradesh. Angry over her husband’s ‘misuse’ of two tomatoes during cooking, a woman reportedly left her husband in Madhya Pradesh’s Shahdol.

A video clip of the estranged man is making rounds on social media. In it, the husband is seen to be saying that while preparing the tiffin, he used 2 tomatoes in the food.

His wife became angry for this ‘unnecessary’ use of tomatoes and left home with their child. When she did not return even after three days, this man lodged a police complaint in this regard.

“She left the home along with my daughter and boarded a bus. I have been looking for her for three days and given her photograph too to the police but they haven’t been able to find her,” NDTV quoted Sandeep Burman as saying.

The police confirmed that they received a complaint regarding this case and investigation was on.

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