World’s 1st Dog-Fox Hybrid ‘Dog’ Dies, Probe Ordered

A unique hybrid species of a dog and fox that was discovered accidentally following a car accident in Brazil has died, reported The Telegraph.

This unique hybrid creature was found in Brazil in 2021. It was named ‘dogxim’.

Its DNA test confirmed that the animal was the first-ever dog-fox hybrid.

The Brazilian government has ordered a probe into the death of this unique animal as the keepers of the animal had not reported its death.

The reason and time of the death of ‘dogxim’ is not known.

This fox-dog hybrid was living at Sao Braz conservation centre in Brazil since November 2021.

Recently when some researchers wanted to see the animal, they were told that it had died six months back.

One unique feature of ‘dogxim’ was that it did not eat dog food but accepted small rats. It climbed the bush.

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