Chhattisgarh Man Hacks Mother, Infant Son To Death After Argument With Wife

Raipur: In a tragic incident on Saturday in Chhattisgarh’s Balod district, a 30-year-old man, Bhawani Nishad, allegedly killed his mother and two-month-old son and injured his wife with an axe following a dispute. The incident occurred in Usarwara village under Purur police station limits.

Bhawani Nishad had reportedly stolen an ATM card from a villager a week prior, withdrawing ₹40,000 from the victim’s account. The news of the theft circulated in the village, leading the accused to feel remorseful. On the fateful day, he returned home inebriated and engaged in an argument with his wife over the stolen money.

In a fit of rage, Bhawani attacked his wife, mother, and son with an axe, expressing his intent to end the entire family, including himself. The accused’s father was not present during the altercation. Locals, upon learning of the incident, alerted the police, leading to Bhawani Nishad’s arrest.

Tragically, the attack resulted in the death of his mother, Shanti Nishad (50), and two-month-old son, Vaibhav. His wife, Jageshwari (26), sustained injuries but was rushed to a hospital in Dhamtari, where her condition is now reported to be stable.

Bhawani Nishad confessed to the crime, and a case has been registered, with further investigations underway.

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