Watch: Trailer of “Hack Crimes Online”, A Cybercrime Thriller Releasing This Week

Mumbai:  The trailer of the cybercrime thriller series “Hack Crimes Online” has been released on social media platforms. This series inspired by true events will arrive on Amazon miniTV on November 10.

In this series, actors Vipul Gupta and Riddhi Kumar play cybercops in search of a bunch of online criminals. This series is directed by Parmeet Sethi.

This series is an adaptation of a book by cybercrime investigator Amit Dubey. This series will showcase cybercrime cases involving corporate espionage, bank frauds, honey traps and cyberbullying.

The trailer shows how a young coding genius Shakti (Riddhi) and ACP Ashutosh Malik (Vipul) get together to solve complex cybercrimes.

“The rate of cybercrime is increasing by the minute. Anyone with internet access can be a victim of this. I am delighted to be a part of Hack Crimes Online, where we are raising awareness about one of the most prevalent kinds of crime in the guise of entertainment,” said Vipul.

Riddhi said, “Hack Crimes Online is inspired by true incidents. I hope that the audience learns something from each episode of the series.”

and produced by Shital Bhatia, co-founder of Friday Storytellers, the series will be available to watch on Amazon miniTV from November 10.

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