Turmeric milk can relieve migraine pain, eating these foods will also benefit


Headache is common, but persistent pain in half the head indicates a migraine. Migraine is a terrible pain in the head, which is almost impossible to bear. The common cause of migraine can be abnormal activity in the brain.

But it also triggers hormonal changes, unhealthy food, excess alcohol, and stress. Healthy food can help reduce migraine pain and improve overall health. Experts believe that a good diet improves immunity, which contributes to reducing headaches.

If turmeric milk is consumed during migraine, then immediate relief can be given. Many such healthy foods can help in reducing the pain of migraine, so let’s know about them.


According to Everyday Health, eating bananas during a migraine attack can be very beneficial. Banana acts as a superfood for instant energy recovery. It contains a lot of magnesium, which helps in reducing headaches. Banana contains 74 percent water, which also helps in keeping the body hydrated.


Watermelon contains 92 percent water. Excess water, whether it reaches the body through drinking or food, helps to keep the body hydrated for a long time. Adequate fluid in the body is very important for overall health including migraine. Migraine attacks are often troubled by the state of dehydration. In such a situation, the risk of a migraine attack can be reduced by eating watermelon

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