People in China to be Jailed for Wearing Clothes that “Hurts Feelings”of Nation

The Chinese government will soon punish citizens for wearing ‘outlawed’ dresses or speaking something that “hurts the feelings” of the nation.

The proposed law states that both speech and clothing deemed “harmful to the spirit of the Chinese people” or that “hurts the feelings” of the nation will result in fines or even jail time.

But till now the types of clothes that are banned have not been specified by the Chinese government.

The standing committee of China’s legislature has released a draft of the proposed legislation. This law is on the priority list to be passed by the end of 2023, reported Bloomberg.

She worried that the offenses the law targets are “not as clear as crimes like robbery, where right and wrong are definitive”.

Punishments for violation of this law could range from a fine, equivalent to approximately USD 950 (Rs 79,002), to being sent to a detention center for 15 days.

According to reports, a woman was detained last year in Suzhou for wearing a traditional Japanese kimono in public. Actions were also taken against people wearing shirts with rainbows or distributing flags with pro-LGBTQ+ symbols.

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