Sambalpuri Diwas Today, Know its significance

Bhubaneswar: Sambalpuri Diwas was celebrated on Tuesday. It is observed to celebrate the birthday of famous Sambalpuri writer Satya Narayan Bohidar. Bohidar is acknowledged as the pioneer of Sambalpuri language and grammar.

Sambalpuri Diwas is celebrated to memorialize his immense contribution to culture and literature.

Bohidar was born in Sonepur. He had reached Sambalpur, for his higher studies. From then on Sambalpur and its culture became his passion. His immense love for the local dialect motivated him to work on the development of Sambalpur literature and language.

He has authored several books, dictionary, biographies and literary translations in Sambalpuri for the establishment of a distinct identity of the region.

As part of the Sambalpuri Diwas celebration, Goddess Samaleswari, the reigning deity Sambalpur was adorned in the traditional Sambalpuri handloom attire. Other deities in the temple complex were also clad in Sambalpuri clothes.


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