Family Performs Funeral Ritual of Daughter After Her Inter-Caste Marriage

Cuttack: A family in Umar village under Mahanga Tehsil in Odisha’s Cuttack district performed shraddh (funeral rituals) for their 18-year-old daughter when she married her lover from another caste.

According to sources, Payal Mahapatra, daughter of Bishwajit Mahapatra of Umar village eloped with her lover, Akash Behera, on November 1. She preferred to take this step as her family was opposed to her inter-caste relationship.

Payal informed her parents that she had married Akash through a video message. This irked her parents.

Annoyed over Payal’s decision, her parents performed her funeral rituals. They also gave a funeral feast which relatives, Brahmins and locals attended. Payal’s father declared that she was dead for him as she had made the family ashamed by her act.

As per reports, Payal’s in-laws supported her decision with the claim that she was 18 years old and legally eligible to make her own decision.

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