Air India Official Assaulted by Passenger on Sydney-Delhi Flight

On July 9, a senior Air India official was subjected to physical assault and verbal abuse by a passenger on a flight from Sydney to New Delhi. The incident occurred when the official, who had been downgraded from business class to economy due to a seat malfunction, confronted a fellow passenger about speaking loudly.

According to reports, the situation escalated quickly as the passenger slapped the official, twisted his head, and continued to abuse him. Despite the presence of five cabin crew members, they were unable to restrain the unruly passenger. In an attempt to seek safety, the Air India official relocated to the rear seats.

Air India promptly reported the incident to the aviation regulator, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), stating that the passenger’s behaviour was unacceptable and had caused distress to fellow passengers, including their own employees. The airline confirmed that the passenger was handed over to the security agency upon landing in Delhi and subsequently issued a written apology.

While the airline has not disclosed specific details about the actions taken against the accused passenger or the measures implemented to support the assaulted official, they affirmed their commitment to addressing such misconduct firmly. Air India emphasized that they will pursue the matter legally and take a resolute stand against misbehaviour on their flights.

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